My bachelor's degree in art exposed me to three semesters of drawing in several mediums: charcoal, chalk, and pencil. While working on my master's in graphic design, I gravitated towards bookmaking with my electives and worked mainly in pencil, charcoal and watercolor.

As a graphic designer, it's fun to include my own illustration in my designs. I've used pencil, watercolor, and pastels in client work. With my degree in art and experience as a graphic designer, I am able to offer the following services:


six lives

"Six Lives" is a collection of one family's true cat stories. The final book was distributed in print, video and ibook form. A website, postcard, poster, and interactive website were also produced.


six lives animated cat in bag six lives shovel six lives type that says i didn't do it six lives ladder six lives falling cat

handrawn type

six lives type six lives type that says i didn't do it six lives type that says i didn't do it


print materials

six lives postcard


six lives book


interactive story

cat for a day

design for sight

illustration, design and branding created for the website,

design b design c  design c design d design d design a

character development : garli

While teaching at University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, I created Garli to demonstrate the process of character development to the students.


garli garli garli garli garli garli

conversations with dad

These books were created with handmade paper and printed with a Vandercook Proof Press.


six lives type six lives shovel six lives shovel six lives shovel six lives shovel six lives shovel

illustrated initial caps

six lives shovel

the book

page two of  conversations with dad

download a pdf of the book

softly slow to a stop

Softly Slow to a Stop is a personal memoire created in a semester-long course taught by Lynda Barry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


barbed wire barn bike bus creek garden swing tree willow

the book

page 38 of softly slow to a stop

digital illustration

My doodles drawn on ipad with Apple pencil in Adobe Fresco.

 flower pattern


wine label



 cloud monster

yoga girl with healing blanket

holiday tree family of birds  girl lost in a purple world

a house

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